Warzone 2.0: Release Date Set for November 16

Warzone 2.0 will be the successor of the current Battle Royale hit Warzone and is coming sooner than expected. To keep you up to date, we have collected all the important information about the upcoming Warzone 2 in this article, including gameplay, maps, release date, weapons and more.

The original Warzone was developed by Infinity Ward, but development got handed over to Raven Software, who now has total creative control, after Infinity Ward started development on Modern Warfare II (2022). Although, the original Warzone will now be renamed Warzone Caldera, and this is where you will be able to play old maps if you want to, as none of them are coming into Warzone 2.

Warzone 2.0: New Features

New Movement Mechanics

Since Warzone 2 is closely connected to Modern Warfare II, some new mechanics from MWII will also appear in Warzone 2. It has already been confirmed that we will finally be able to swim and fight underwater in Warzone. Vehicles will also be able to be driven in or on the water, which will provide much more gameplay depth. We will also be able to hang from ledges and use our sidearm while doing so, and the popular Dolphin Dive will return.

2v2 Gulag

The Gulag is of course back, but in Warzone 2 it will be played 2v2 and there will be the possibility to loot weapons and interact with an NPC called “The Jailer”. Both teams can actually choose to fight the jailer instead of each other, and if they kill the jailer then all four players can return to the match.

Circle Splitting

It is also already confirmed that the circle in Warzone 2.0 will split into three smaller separate circles during the course of the game, which will only reunite at the very end of the match and lead to a final battle between the remaining squads. This should provide more excitement and, above all, more possibilities at the end of a match.

New Vehicle Mechanics

Of course, Warzone 2.0 also features numerous vehicles again, which bring some new mechanics. We’ll be able to lean out of windows to shoot and can also climb onto the roof of the vehicle while driving to fire at enemies from there. In addition, for the first time, vehicles in Warzone 2.0 will also react differently to gunfire, explosions, etc., depending on their armor and weight. It is also interesting that the tires of cars can now be destroyed, but also repaired, and most vehicles have a tank that empties while driving and must be refueled at gas stations distributed on the map.

AI, Strongholds & Black Sites

On the Al Mazrah map, there is also an AI faction that patrol the map and protect Strongholds and Black Sites. The AI soldiers won’t actively pursue you, so you have the choice whether to attack them or not. If you manage to capture a stronghold, you’ll be rewarded with some decent loot and get an item that allows you to buy one of your custom weapons for free at a buying station.

Black Sites are just a more dangerous form of Strongholds, but they offer a permanent Weapon Blueprint reward and even more valuable in-match items for those who clear it out. These are available only via a Black Site key, given to the first team that clears one of the active Strongholds.


Loadouts are back baby! Although this time you won’t be able to buy loadouts from buy-stations, instead you can only buy primary weapons. The only full loadouts, with perks and secondary weapons, will be deployed for free, for everyone, in the middle of the match.

Proximity Chat

If you play using the in-game voice chat then be careful! Proximity chat will be active in Warzone 2, so any players who are near you (whether they are friendly or not) will be able to hear you speak when you use the in-game voice chat.

Interrogation & Assimilation

We don’t know exactly how either of these mechanics work yet, but the way it has been explained so far sounds interesting. Apparently, you can interrogate downed enemies, and this will reveal where their squadmates are. But in addition to interrogations we also have “assimilation”, which will allow squads to work together, although we really have no idea what this will look like in Warzone 2.

Warzone 2 Release Date

This year we’re not only get the new Modern Warfare 2, but also Warzone 2.0, the sequel to Call of Duty’s Battle Royale: Warzone. Usually we would expect the Warzone content to come at least one month after the traditional game’s launch (because both Cold War and Vanguard were both integrated into Warzone a month after launch), but this year the Warzone content will be rolled out more quickly.

Warzone 2 will be released on Wednesday, November 16 at 10:00 PT (13:00 ET / 18:00 BST / 19:00 CEST). We had expected December, but the earlier, the better.

This was actually leaked a few months ago via the World of Warcraft Subreddit (who were interested because World of Warcraft is also owned by Activision via Blizzard).

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