Redfall Launches Pre-Order Bonuses and Early Access Options

“We’re thrilled to see the excitement surrounding Redfall and can’t wait for players to experience the unique cooperative gameplay and vampire-infested world we’ve created.”

Pete Hines, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications at Bethesda

Microsoft’s highly anticipated cooperative shooter game Redfall was officially released on Xbox Series X|S and PC. Developed by Arkane Studios, the game takes players to the fictional town of Redfall, Massachusetts, which has been overrun by vampires. Redfall is a departure from Arkane’s previous immersive sim-style games, with a greater emphasis on gunplay.

Redfall’s launch was met with positive reviews, with many praising its engaging gameplay and unique take on the vampire genre. However, some players criticized the slow and uneventful start to the game, as well as certain underwhelming aspects of the content.

The trailer also focuses on the content players can get if they upgrade to Redfall’s Bite Back Edition. The Bite Back Edition costs $99.99, but it comes with the base game, alternate outfits for all of Redfall’s playable characters, the Laser Beam multi-weapon skin, and the Tactical Knife stake. And finally, the Redfall Bite Back Edition also includes the Hero Pass, which will give players access to two DLC heroes that are planned to be added to the game at some point post-launch.

Redfall’s latest gameplay presentation was impressive, and it looks as though the game will be a surefire hit with fans of Arkane’s previous games. Redfall’s co-op feature and open world are a departure from the norm for Arkane, but the core gameplay looks firmly rooted in the company’s FPS roots, calling to mind games like Dishonored and Deathloop. Now that Redfall has a release date nailed down, all that’s left is for fans to wait for launch to see if the game lives up to the high bar set by Arkane’s past games. Others may want to wait for reviews or check it out on Game Pass, but die hard fans who aren’t signed up for Microsoft’s subscription service may want to pre-order to get their hands on this bonus content.

One major advantage of Redfall’s release is that it is available on Xbox Game Pass and Game Pass for PC on day one, allowing subscribers to play the game without additional cost. The game’s file size varied depending on the platform, with Xbox Series X requiring around 86 GB, Xbox Series S around 40 GB, and PC needing over 103 GB of space.

In other news, rumors have been circulating about a potential new game from Bethesda, tentatively titled Project Omen. According to industry insiders, the game is a supernatural-themed action-adventure title with a single-player focus, similar to Bethesda’s previous hit game, Skyrim.

While Bethesda has yet to officially announce Project Omen, the rumors have generated significant buzz among fans of the studio. Many are eagerly anticipating any news or updates on the project, and some have even begun speculating about the game’s potential storyline and gameplay mechanics.

In addition to Project Omen, there have been rumors of a new installment in the popular Elder Scrolls franchise, although details on this are scarce at the moment. However, with Bethesda’s track record of producing critically acclaimed and beloved games, fans are hopeful for what the future holds for the studio.

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