Hideo Kojima wants make a game in space

Speaking on the premiere of a new documentary, Connecting Worlds, the veteran Game director was requested what he needs to do in the future by his friend and Summer Game Fest producer Geoff Keighley.

Axios’ Stephen Totilo wrote on Twitter that Kojima responded with, “I wish to go to outer space. I wish to go to outer space and create a game you’ll be able to play In space… So please someone send me as much as house.”

Others in attendance on the occasion have urged that Kojima’s words weren’t entirely serious.

Outside of his work on the Metal Gear franchise, Kojima has been keen to experiment with unconventional gameplay mechanics prior to now.

One such instance is the GBA RPG Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand. The game’s cartridge included a light-weight sensor, activated by taking your GBA exterior into the solar, which might cost in-game weapons.

Kojima has additionally spoken repeatedly prior to now of his want to create a game that might self-destruct, ought to the player die in-game.

An outline for the Connecting Worlds documentary reads, “Broadly considered the primary auteur of video video games, this visually fascinating documentary offers a uncommon perception into Hideo Kojima’s artistic course of as he launches his personal impartial studio.”

Kojima began his profession in 1986 at Konami, the place he designed Metal Gear (1987) for the MSX2, laying the inspiration for the stealth style of video video games.

He went on to spend greater than 30 years at Konami, producing a number of acclaimed Metal Gear Stable video games, in addition to the mech title Zone of the Enders, plus journey video games Snatcher (1988) and Policenauts (1994).

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