Tier list Dragon Ball Z Dokkan (June 2023)

The Dokkan Battle is without doubt one of the greatest cell video games primarily based on the Dragon Ball franchise. It incorporates a large roster of characters from Dragon Ball Z to the Dragon Ball Collection period. Developed by Akatsuki Inc. and revealed by Bandai Namco, the title incorporates components from Puzzle, Collectible Card, and Board recreation genres. Gamers mix six highly effective characters of their slots to construct a crew.

The Dokkan Battle incorporates a gacha system to acquire new characters or items utilizing Dragon Stone. Their rarity ranges from Regular, Uncommon, Tremendous Uncommon, Tremendous Tremendous Uncommon, Extremely Uncommon to Legendary Uncommon. This anime motion title affords a whole bunch of character decisions, complicated gamers to decide on the very best ones. However fret not, as this text offers a tier listing of all Dokkan Battle characters for June 2023.

This tier listing ranks all Dokkan Battle fighters within the present meta. These characters are categorized below S+, S, A, B, and C. Like different gacha’s tier lists, the S+ tier consists of characters that presently dominate the meta. In the meantime, the C tier includes those which might be the weakest.

This tier consists of characters which might be extra highly effective than all others on this anime recreation. With their giant well being pool, and excessive attacking and protection stats, they will keep longer in battle whereas dealing important injury. They’re fierce fighters and might squash any enemy very quickly. Right here is the listing of items within the S+ tier:

  • Golden Frieza
  • Cooler
  • Tremendous Gogeta
  • Trunks (Future)
  • Syn Shenron
  • Tremendous Saiyan God SS Goku (Kaioken)
  • Legendary Tremendous Saiyan Broly
  • Android 17
  • Tremendous Vegito
  • Tremendous Saiyan Broly
  • Tremendous Saiyan 2 Vegeta
  • Gohan (Future)
  • Tremendous Saiyan God SS Goku
  • Goku (Youth)

Dokkan Battle S tier items

The fighters on this tier are much less highly effective than S+ however overpower others on this mobile gacha game. They get as highly effective as S+ tiers by upgrading from the coaching mode. Right here is the listing of characters on this tier

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