Walkthrought Final Fantasy 6 – The journey to Phoenix

The journey to Phoenix Gate started within the earlier most important state of affairs quest of Final Fantasy 16. On the way in which, Clive and Jill visited Martha’s Relaxation to satisfy with one in all Cid’s allies. There, they see extra of the struggles that these unlucky sufficient to be born a Bearer should endure and realized of the horrible destiny that awaits lots of them in the event that they use their powers an excessive amount of.

Within the fifteenth most important state of affairs quest, “Holding On”, Final Fantasy 16 players proceed to discover this bigger space. In addition they acquire entry to some new facet quests that they’ll enterprise off of the crushed path to pursue.

With the bridge restored, Final Fantasy 16 players can lastly proceed the journey to Phoenix Gate. When “Holding On” begins, players acquire entry to 3 new facet quests. The primary one is “Crystalline Lifeline”, the second is “Beast In opposition to Beast”, and the third one is “False Associates”. These rewards for these facet quests aren’t exceptional, however gamers who need some additional crafting supplies could need to do them earlier than persevering with the story.

To achieve Eastpool, head by way of the north exit of Martha’s Relaxation. Alongside the way in which, search for a useless finish on the east facet of Martha’s relaxation. In an alley subsequent to a pile of straw is a chest containing the Forevermore Orchestrion Roll. When prepared, crossed the bridge to enter Greensheaves.Whereas this can be a pretty small space, gamers can nonetheless discover loads of supplies if they give the impression of being round.

Observe the trail to succeed in Eastpool. Earlier than crossing the bridge that results in Eastpool, if gamers go south they may attain a cliff facet the place a dragon will assault. Defeat it to get a Dragon Talon, which is used for crafting. Cross the bridge to set off a cutscene. After a number of cutscenes have performed out, gamers will get a brand new outfit together with a number of items of armor and a brand new weapon. They are going to all be substantial upgrades.

From there, proceed following the purple waypoint towards Phoenix Gate. Method the gate to the northwest to set off one other cutscene. Clive and Jill meet with the Mayor of Eastpool. He asks them to satisfy with a Bearer that when served Clive’s father. This begins a request known as “Again within the Day”. Head towards the effectively to set off a cutscene. After that talk with two of the villagers. Subsequent, go to the stables and communicate to the Chocobo Keeper there.

Go throughout the bridge towards windmill the place the purple waypoint is. Return down towards the place the dragon enemy was encountered earlier. A pair teams of enemies will seem, take care of all of them first. Following the battle, a cutscene will play, and the request will likely be accomplished. Proceed towards the gate and head northwest towards the purple waypoint.

Past the gate is an space left useless by the Blight. There are not any monsters on this space, so gamers do not have to fret about being attacked. Upon approaching the obelisk and unlocking quick journey, a cutscene will play, and the world map will open. Proceed to Phoenix Gate Ruins to advance the story and begin the subsequent most important state of affairs quest.

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