Out of the three obtainable areas to discover in Tears of the Kingdom (sky, land, and underground) the Depths presents the hardest problem to gamers. The darkish realm beneath Hyrule gives sturdy enemies and navigation puzzles that check even one of the best gamers. Among the many most fearsome risks within the Depths are Frox, big one-eyed monsters with massive gaping gobs.

There are 40 Frox in complete, and in the event you plan on upgrading the Depths Armor set, you will have to take out a number of of them. Here’s a rundown of learn how to observe down all three various kinds of Frox in Tears of the Kingdom.

The primary sort of Frox you can find in Tears of the Kingdom is only a common Frox, no descriptors wanted. There are twelve of them in complete and defeating them will provide you with Frox Fangs, Guts, and Fingernails.

Nearly all of normal Frox in Tears of the Kingdom can all be discovered within the decrease heart of the map. They’re unfold out from the Giants Grove in direction of the Deserted Gerudo Mine in a diagonal line. The largest outlier is the ultimate Frox, which hangs out within the high proper nook of the map close to the Deserted Eldin Mine

The subsequent tier of Frox is the Obsidian Frox, of which there are 15 in Tears of the Kingdom. Defeating an Obsidian Frox will get you Frox Guts, Fingernails, and Obsidian Frox Fangs.

The Obsidian Frox will be present in 4 clusters unfold out throughout the map. The primary three all stay within the space of the Deserted Gerurdo mine. There may be additionally a lone Obsidian Frox south of the Floria Canyon Mine. One other cluster of 4 surrounds the final space of the Deserted Lanayru Mine. The ultimate grouping of Obsidian Frox covers a wider space operating from the Deserted Hebra Mine up in direction of the Gleeok Den.

The ultimate — and hardest — tier of Frox in Tears of the Kingdom are the Blue-White Frox. There are 13 within the recreation, and defeating them nets you Frox Guts and Fingernails (like the opposite forms of Frox) in addition to Blue-White Frox Fangs.

Blue-White Frox is essentially the most unfold out Frox in Tears of the Kingdom, with no central location. There are 4 unfastened areas they reside in, nevertheless. A lone Blue-White Frox will be discovered close to the Historical Remark Deck. One other two are instantly north of the Deserted Kara Kara Mine. The subsequent three are within the surrounding space of Hyrule Fort. Lastly, the remaining Blue-White Frox can all be discovered within the high left of the map, surrounding the Deserted Hebra Mine and in direction of the Ploymus Canyon Mine.

After discovering and defeating all the Frox in Tears of the Kingdom you must have explored the vast majority of the Depths in addition to collected all of the supplies it’s essential totally improve the Depths Armor set — after which some.

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