Check Out Five Minutes Of Sand-Shaping Atlas Fallen Gameplay Play4ever

Despite launching in less than a month, we haven’t seen too much of Atlas Fallen since it was revealed nearly a year ago. A general overview video released last month gave curious players a primer on what to expect from this world of sand, magic, and monsters. Publisher Focus Entertainment has followed that up with a new gameplay-focused video breaking down the game’s combat.

The five-minute video shows off the action RPG’s sand-shaping action. Players can equip two main weapons to alternate attacks in fast-paced combat. These include arms like a whip, axe, and even giant fists made of sand. Attacks build momentum, which raises your power and can be spent to unleash flashy special attacks. However, the higher your momentum, the more damage you take, promoting a strategic risk/reward system.

The video also provides a look at customization, showing off Essence Stones. There are over 150 of these skills, which range from aerial attacks to setting traps to firing projectiles. The trailer also shows off the game’s two-player online co-op. Two players can complete Atlas Fallen, including its story campaign, in its entirety together. In fact, the video states some Essence Stones promote cooperative play. 

Atlas Fallen looks promising, and developer Deck13 has a decent track record (The Surge series, Lords of the Fallen), so we hope this information dump at the eleventh hour is a sign of confidence instead of a bad omen. We look forward to seeing how it shapes up when it arrives on August 10 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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