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Dream Shards in Pokémon Sleep are needed to evolve and level up your Pokémon. You combine the Dream Shards with Candy to make your Pokémon stronger, better, and generally more helpful. If you want to evolve or level up your Pokémon with Candy then you must have enough Dream Shards too, or it won’t work.

Pokémon Sleep tracks your sleep each night and by doing so you’re helping Professor Neroli with their research on different Pokémon sleeping styles. With the help of the Pokémon you attract each night, you can help Neroli improve their research on these delightful creatures.

Without further ado, we’re going to show you how to get Dream Shards in Pokémon Sleep.

How to get Dream Shards in Pokémon Sleep

Dream Shards in Pokémon Sleep can be obtained in numerous different ways, but the arguably easiest way to earn them is to record your sleep sessions with the app. You can earn Dream Shards as a reward each time you do so, and you can double the amount of Shards you get at the end of a session by using ‘Luck Incense’ before you start to record your session.

Remember, your sleep sessions need to be a minimum of 90 minutes (1 hour 30 minutes) for the session to count and be recorded. You can also only record two sessions per day and the better your research is (your sleep session) the more Dream Shards you’ll get.

Ah, to be a Snorlax… | Image credit: Eurogamer/The Pokémon Company

You can also collect Dream Shards by purchasing them as part of bundles in the General Store and in the Premium Exchange Shop.

Alternatively, Premium Pass Members can gain Dream Shards in the member rewards every three months.

Currently, the other options for getting Dream Shards in Pokémon Sleep is to sell ingredients and consume Dream Cluster Items.

That’s it for collecting Dream Shards for now! We also have guides that show you how to add friends if you want to compare your sleep data.

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