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Winged Pikmin are one of the many species you can find in Pikmin 4. These useful winged plant-like creatures cannot be found until later in the story, so don’t worry too much if you don’t come across them in the first few hours – you’re not doing anything wrong!

As you explore an uncharted planet to locate stranded space travellers in Pikmin 4, you’ll come across several obstacles, puzzles, and general problems that block your path. However, you’re not alone, you have your trusty and helpful Pikmin allies with you to assist you in your quest to find the origins of the SOS calls.

Here, we’re going to show you how to get Winged Pikmin in Pikmin 4.

Spoiler Warning: This guide may contain spoilers for Pikmin 4.

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How to get Winged Pikmin in Pikmin 4

To get Winged Pikmin in Pikmin 4 you need to have completed the main storyline and rolled the credits. This doesn’t mean that your time in the game or the content is finished, it just means you’re on to the next stage of unlocking brand new areas and it’s in one of these new areas you’ll find your little winged friends. When you’ve done this, you need unlock an area called Giants Hearth.

You can find Winged Pikmin in the Below Grade Discotheque in Giant’s Hearth. There are probably several more areas where you can find this type of Pikmin, but this is where we first encountered them and the easiest place to find them so far.

You could use a Winged Pikmin here. | Image credit: Nintendo

Pikmin 4 Winged Pikmin abilities explained

Winged Pikmin, as the name suggests, have Wings. They’re smaller in stature than most of the other Pikmin species you’ll find but their ability to fly arguably makes them one of the most useful ones.

You can used Winged Pikmin to lift up barricades or obstacles that stand in your way so that you and your remaining Pikmin followers can get past or underneath the object in the way to find new and exciting areas. Also, you can get your Winged Pikmin to transport things across water and other areas that may be hazardous for you to cross or when you don’t feel like making Oatchi carry you.

Pikmin 4's lovable Oatchi spacedog.
Oatchi is always ready to help, but Winged Pikmin can take the pressure off this rescue pup. | Image credit: Nintendo

That’s it for finding Winged Pikmin for now! We hope you enjoy exploring with the helpful plant-like creatures at your side.

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