10 Tips And Tricks To Help You Excel In Final Fantasy 16's Combat Play4ever

Okay, so obviously FFXVI isn’t a fighting game – it’s an action RPG. But because its action is so dependent on combos, you’ll quickly find that the way to victory is min-maxing the time Clive spends wailing on enemies vs. getting wailed on. Right now, after 65 hours in the game, I can perform my go-to combo, which consists of using every ability I have equipped alongside standard attack combinations, with my eyes closed. And that’s because it’s the combo that worked best for me.

Like fighting games, you’ll find that specific enemies have certain tells, openings, and moves that you can directly counter with your own combos. You’ll want to make mental notes of this and take advantage of it whenever possible, especially against tougher enemies with stagger bars. Basically, if an enemy gives me the right opening, I have a go-to combo that utilizes a specific set of moves, every Eikonic ability at my disposal, and more, and it rules. However, it’s not something I could pull off on the fly, so memorizing it (like I’d learn a specific combo in a fighting game) was crucial to my combat success.

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