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The Bomb King in Final Fantasy 16 is an B Rank Hunt added to the Hunt Board during the ‘Weird Science’ side quest.

The Hunt Board points Clive towards the area the Bomb King is in, but you might not have unlocked this place on the map yet. To speed things along, we’ve got the Bomb King location in Final Fantasy 16 below, along with some tips on how to beat the Bomb King for the ‘Weird Science’ quest when you find it.

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Final Fantasy 16 Bomb King location

To unlock the Bomb King on the Hunt Board you have to start the ‘Weird Science’ main quest first. This becomes available after completing the ‘Letting Off Steam III’ part of the ‘Out of the Shadow’ main quest.

Once you’ve checked the Hunt Board after starting ‘Weird Science’ the Bomb King is located in The Crock in Sanbreque, which is east of The Dragon’s Aery and north of The Imperial Chase. Fast travel to The Dragon’s Aery obelisk and head south for the quickest route to the Bomb King.

Here’s a map picture of exactly where to find the Bomb King:

We’ve also got some tips for taking on The Bomb King below.

Tips on how to beat Bomb King in Final Fantasy 16

The Bomb King is a Level 33 B Rank Notorious Mark who mainly attacks with projectiles. Additionally, it’s one of the few Hunt targets that doesn’t have a stagger bar.

For an edge in battle, here’s some tips on how to beat The Bomb King in Final Fantasy 16:

  • Stagger abilities are useless – As the Bomb King has no stagger bar it’s no use equipping stagger abilities, like Garuda’s Aerial Blast or Gouge. Instead, put all of your ability points into your high damaging abilities, like those belonging to Titan, Phoenix, or Ifrit.
  • Activate Clive’s Limit Break, then unleash abilities – This means you’re causing even more damage with Clive’s most powerful abilities. Start with the best ones, as the Limit Break gauge continues to lower even when in the ability animation, so you don’t get much time.
  • Equip the Berserker Ring for extra damage – The Berserker Ring gives Clive a small window of increased damage after performing a Precision Dodge, which is handy during the Bomb King fight as you’ll be dodging its projectiles a lot.
  • Image credit: Square Enix/Eurogamer
  • Use Will-o’-the-Wykes if you need more protection – This fire ability creates a shield for Clive while harming enemies and is useful for some protection against the Bomb King’s projectiles.
  • Remember that you can equip abilities on other Eikons – If you like more than two of an Eikon’s abilities, you can equip it on another Eikon as long as you’ve mastered the ability, so remember that…
  • Respecing is free – You can refund any of your Ability Points for free and put those points into mastering another ability if you think it will help you more in the The Bomb King fight. We recommend taking off your Garuda abilities and replacing them with skills that cause more damage.

The rewards for defeating The Bomb King are:

  • x1 Bomb Ember
  • x1 Meteorite
  • 1,000 EXP
  • 65 Ability Points
  • 20 Renown
  • 9,000 Gil

Once you kill the Bomb King, head back to Owain at the Hideaway who will use it to create a Treated Potion Satchel that increases your potion inventory size.

Good luck facing the Bomb King in Final Fantasy 16!

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