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Komala is a Gen 7 Pokémon who debuted in Pokémon Go during the Season of Hidden Gems.

Released as part of the Catching Some Z’s event in July 2023 in Pokémon Go, this Normal-type Pokémon is obviously inspired by koala bears. It even has a little stick to hold onto!

While Komala doesn’t evolve, you still need to catch this Pokémon at least once if you want to complete your Pokédex.

Below you’ll learn how to get a Komala in Pokémon Go to help you add this Pokémon to your Alola Pokédex.

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How to get Komala in Pokémon Go

Komala made its first appearance in Pokémon Go on Saturday 15th July as part of the Catching Some Z’s event.

Here’s how you can catch Komala during the Catching Some Z’s event:

Since there’s only one way to catch a Komala during this event, you must hunt down this Pokémon in the wild if you want to add it to your Pokédex. Still this doesn’t make catching Komala an easy task though, because, according to the official Pokémon Go blog, it is one of the rarer spawns for the Catching Some Z’s event.

It’s also important to remember that the Catching Some Z’s event ends on Sunday 16th July at 8pm (local time). This means, unlike other new Pokémon, you don’t have much time to find and catch a Komala!

We do highly recommend taking the time to catch a Komala during the Catching Some Z’s event, because, at the time of writing, we don’t know what this Pokémon’s spawn rate will be once it finishes. There’s a chance that, like other recently released Pokémon, Komala may be hard to find after Catching Some Z’s ends, so it’s worth adding to your Pokédex while you have the chance.

Image credit: Niantic/Eurogamer

To increase your chances of encountering a Komala during the event, we recommend using Incense or a Lure Module to attract Pokémon to your location. Doing so will increase the number of Pokémon spawns you experience and one of these could be a Komala.

It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on the ‘Nearby’ tab in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen as this will tell you whether Komala is appearing at a PokéStop near your current location. Until you’ve caught it for the first time, Komala will appear as a black silhouette which should make it easy to spot on this tab.

Make sure you use a Razz Berry on Komala when you do find it to increase your chances of catching it and, in doing so, hopefully ensure you catch it the first time.

Since Komala doesn’t evolve, you only need to catch one to ensure it’s been added to your Gen 7 Pokédex.

Good luck catching Komala!

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