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Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is an upcoming free-to-play mobile version of Final Fantasy VII, retelling the original story (separate from what the remake is doing) with the narrative of Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core integrated into it. While this isn’t necessarily something I’ve been asking for – I have the original Final Fantasy VII on various consoles and Final Fantasy VII Remake on PlayStation 5 already – I’m impressed with this mobile take on this beloved story. 

I played a demo that consisted of the game’s opening bombing mission. When walking around Midgar, Cloud and the gang are presented as Chibi characters, but the world around them looks akin to what’s in Final Fantasy VII Remake (although lacking the same fidelity since this is on mobile devices). When characters talk, though, gorgeous, sharp portraits of each character appear next to their dialogue. And in combat, the game looks like Final Fantasy VII Remake (although, again, lacking in visual fidelity compared to the remake due to the mobile device constraint). 

Combat plays out quite simply, with an active time battle bar dictating when you can use moves, and Cloud and friends level up in traditional RPG fashion. 

This version of Final Fantasy VII isn’t necessarily for me, but I don’t think I’m the intended audience. If someone wants a streamlined, easy-to-comprehend, and on-the-go version of one of gaming’s most beloved stories, Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis looks like a great fit. – Wesley LeBlanc

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