Blasphemous 2 Looks Like a Truly Sick Sequel in Raw Gameplay Footage Play4ever

Due to release in just over a week on PS5, Blasphemous 2 appears to be a pretty straightforward sequel to the already fantastic Blasphemous — and we’re perfectly okay with that. The 2D action adventure just got 16 minutes of raw gameplay footage (thanks IGN), and it looks damn good.

We’ve always loved the first game’s art direction, and that clear attention to detail lives on in this follow-up. Based on what we know, Blasphemous 2 will be building on its predecessor with additional gameplay depth — including being able to choose between different weapon types — and it’ll apparently be a bigger game in terms of scope. The bottom line here is that we’d be incredibly surprised if this anticipated sequel missed the mark.

Are you looking forward to Blasphemous 2? Pick the most brutal looking weapon in the comments section below.

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