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If you’ve ever played a sport, you must know of the thrill and excitement of honing your skills, the pressure of joining a team and playing with new and familiar faces, and the joy of winning competitions with that team. The same feeling applies to Esports; with the stakes set high, the tension in the air, and a huge pot prize to win, Esports tournaments have fans glued to the edge of their seats. Fans worldwide are excited about the massive lineup of upcoming tournaments featuring some of the best Esports teams and players on the face of the earth.

List of major Esports events coming up

So, the most crucial question is, “How do I keep up with all my favorite Esports events?” Back in the early stages of Esports, it would’ve been impossible to keep up with all these kinds of events as Esports were hardly televised, but that all changed with the development of the internet. Once the internet was introduced, esports evolved from hardly televised LAN meets-ups to multi-million dollar tournaments with players from all over the world and being streamed to all parts of the world directly to fans. So, here’s a list of the significant Esports events coming up.


One of Esports’ most notable leagues is the Call of Duty (Call of Duty League). Call of Duty has been a significant part of Esports since the early 2000s. The CoD scene has grown strong ever since, spreading to all platforms, including mobile. Here are the CoD events coming your way soon.

  1. Call of Duty Challengers 2023 – Cup 12: NA – 05.21.23 – 05.22.23

  1. Call of Duty Challengers 2023 – Cup 12: APAC – 05.21.23 – 05.22.23

  1. Call of Duty Challengers 2023 – Cup 12: LATAM- 05.21.23 – 05.22.23

  1. CODM Summer Invitational 2023 – 05.25.23 – 02.07.23

Rocket League

Truly one of the most unusual Esports in the world out there now, it combines soccer and racing into one. It is known to have an incredibly steep learning curve, so only the best of the best make a name for themselves in this Esport. Here are the Rocket League events coming up:

  1. Belgian Student League Season 5 – Grand Final – 05.21.23

  1. Lotus 8 Championship Series 2 – 05.21.23

  1. Women’s Car Ball Season 5: North America – May – 05.21.23


A household name in the Esports community, CS: GO is a name Esports fans can never forget; it could even be called the most popular Esports. Here is the list of upcoming CS: GO events.

  1. IESF World Esports Championship 2023: South American Qualifier – 05.22.23 – 05.22.23

  1. IESF World Esports Championship 2023: North American Qualifier – 05.22.23

  1. ESportsBattle Season 19 – 05.22.23

  1. Aorus League Invitational 2023 – 05.22.23 – 05.26.23

  1. Polska Liga Esportowa 2023: Split #2 – 05.22.23 – 06.18.23

  1. CCT West Europe Series #4: Closed Qualifier – 05.23.23 – 05.27.23

Wrap Up

These are just a small number of the tournaments and events happening soon. So If you are looking for more information about these types of events, including dates, locations, and the gamers or teams attending, you should visit esports betting sites. These sites allow you to find this information and analyze the odds related to each event before it begins. It is the most useful way to gather information about the next esports events and tournaments.

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