Microsoft's latest Windows 11 update decapitates Cortana Play4ever

Microsoft announced that Cortana, Windows’ digital voice assistant, was coming to its end of life back in May, and now the time has come to say goodbye.

Cortana has been “killed off” by Microsoft in its latest Windows 11 update in order to usher in Microsoft’s replacement called Windows Copilot, which is an AI-powered personal assistant that takes advantage of generative language models like ChatGPT. However, it can be assumed that Windows Copilot will be specifically designed to answer questions about Windows rather than ChatGPT being designed to answer questions about everything.

If you are a big fan of Cortana and don’t wish to have it removed from your computer, make sure not to update Windows 11, because if you do, your PC will no longer have access to the service. If you are sad about seeing Cortana going from Windows PCs, you will be glad to know that the robot isn’t completely dead. Microsoft will still be running Cortana in “Outlook mobile will continue to be available,” according to the End of Support for Cortana in Windows and Teams article on Microsoft Support.


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