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10th August 2023: We added new Grimace Race codes.

Grimace Race is a popular Roblox game where you hop on the back of a cute, cuddly creature – that appears to be inspired by a McDonald’s mascot – and go racing. Before the start of each race, you’ll have to click as many times as you can to make your Grimace slurp on a milkshake, which helps it go faster.

And then it’s off to the races, as you speed down a straight course and pass through numerous gates to earn the crucial Wins currency. This can then be used to purchase Eggs that hatch into Pets, which offer big stat boosts if you manage to get a rare one. If you want to fast track your progress, you can also redeem a couple of Grimace Race codes to get free Pets that way. And, best of all, the Pets available with these codes tend to be rare ones that massively increase your top speed.

Working Grimace Race codes

  • CodeHydra – CodeHydra Pet (NEW!)
  • codedog – CodeDog Pet (NEW!)
  • codekitty – CodeKitty Pet
  • BLUETUBEALIEN – BlueTubeAlien Pet
  • BLUETUBEZALIEN – BlueTubeZalien Pet
  • HUGEUPDATE2 – Win Potion
  • NEWPET2290 – uTube Broli Pet
  • MAGICUPDATE – Win Potion
  • OPPET891 – uTube Boku Pet
  • NEWW2 – Win Potion
  • Y125911 – uTube Dragons Pet
  • YTMR289 – uTube Dragon Pet
  • YTME1456 – uTube Bunny Pet
  • RELEASE – Happy Red Dragon Pet

Expired Grimace Race codes

Currently, there are no expired codes for Grimace Race.

How to redeem Grimace Race codes

Got a code you want to redeem? Here’s how to do it in Grimace Race:

  1. Launch Grimace Race in Roblox.
  2. Once you drop in-game look at the buttons on the left of your screen.
  3. There are two ‘Codes’ buttons, one with a Twitter tick and another with a YouTube icon.
  4. Image credit: Roblox/xFrozen Obbys
  5. Click on either of these buttons to open up a codes menu.
  6. Arrow pointing at the menu used to redeem codes in the Roblox game Grimace Race.
    Image credit: Roblox/xFrozen Obbys
  7. Type a code into the textbox and then press the ‘Verify’ button.

If the code you entered is still valid, a notification will appear on screen letting you know it has been redeemed successfully, and telling you what goodies you’ve claimed for free. While there are two different codes buttons we found that whichever button you select codes will redeem just fine – no matter where they first appeared.

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