Kristala Gets Exclusive Beta Demo Play4ever

​​Kristala, a dark fantasy action RPG from independent studio Astral Clocktower Studios, is getting an exclusive beta demo from May 2 -16. The studio also announced that a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, to help support the development of Kristala, which will release information “…in the upcoming weeks”.

Players will take on the role of an anthropomorphic feline warrior who must master the six magical specialties of the sacred Kristals and prove themself worthy of becoming a Raksaka warrior, a powerful protector of their species. Along the journey players will make their way through the six clan lands and uncover a terrible curse that has transformed the creatures of planet Ailur into monstrous beasts that seek to only destroy.

Players must battle to restore peace to Ailur and  meet and interact with unique and varied characters while exploring a mysterious fantasy planet brimming with untold stories waiting to be discovered.


  • Begin your journey as a fledgling feline warrior from one of six clans, each with its own unique territory, culture, aesthetic, and magic.

  • Choose between three different classes at the start of game: Brawn, Finesse, or Quality.

  • There are six magic specialties in-game that correspond with the six playable clans, as well as two distinct stats: Eminence + Malediction.

  • Unique, detailed character customization via stat leveling, magic leveling, and an innovative feline skill leveling tree.

  • Strategic, fast-paced combat with a heavy emphasis on both magic and replayability.

  • Story unveiled via rich + robust RPG mechanics like quests, journal entries, and special Kristal Memory pick up items.


Check out the trailer and some screenshots below

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