Running low on storage? Watch those Baldur's Gate 3 saved games, they can spiral out of control Play4ever

Baldur’s Gate 3 saves have been hitting the headlines recently, due to a bug that could corrupt saved games, which was resolved – but now we have another warning about the RPG.

Regular saving in Baldur’s Gate 3 isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but don’t go over the top if you’re short on storage (Image Credit: Larian)


First of all, note that the reason saves were going corrupt was that they were becoming too big for the specified maximum parameters. Larian simply did not realize how much some players would do in terms of bulking their save with a whole load of stuff relating to their character progression.

So, the solution was to remove the limits on a save file so it can now get as big as it needs to. See where this is going?

PC Gamer points out that if you’re one of those adventurers who does a lot of saving (and we include ourselves in that category), then with a lot of saves that can get pretty sprawling and large, your drive storage can get gobbled up quite quickly.

PC Gamer’s writer notes that they had over 3GB of Baldur’s Gate 3 save files, in fact – and that was only having progressed as far as Act 2.

For those with smaller SSDs, this could become something of an issue, as you might imagine, particularly if you’re a really zealous saver.

In short, it’s worth keeping an eye on the size of your Baldur’s Gate 3 save directory, and what you can always do is make a copy of it onto another drive (or an external drive, perhaps), before dumping some older saves if you need to free up space.

In other recent Baldur’s Gate 3 developments, Larian published an interesting bucketful of stats regarding the game including the most popular classes, races, and more – it’s worth a read, and there’s the odd surprise in here, too.

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