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Street Fighter 6 gives players the opportunity to get to know the various heroes, villains, and famous world warriors of the SF series more closely than ever by training under them as part of the World Tour single-player mode. As well as sparring and learning new moves, a huge part of impressing the Master characters, as they’re known, is by giving them gifts.

Your relationship with each of the Masters in Street Fighter 6 is measured in two stats; one for ‘Style’, and one for ‘Bond’.

Your Style Level represents how versed you are in each character’s fighting style, and ranking this up prompts each of the characters to teach you new moves and techniques. This maxes out at level 20.

Your Bond Stat instead represents your personal relationship with each master. Raising it opens new topics of conversation, new artwork, and eventually a second costume for each character, unlocked when you hit the top Bond level of 100.

How to raise your Bond Stat in SF6

While you can raise your Bond stat by winning sparring matches, completing friendship missions, and saying the right thing when chatting to your Masters by choosing smart dialogue options, the absolute fastest way to raise a Bond Stat with a master is by giving gifts.

As you’d expect, with a wide range of characters and personalities spread across the world of Street Fighter 6 that is only continuing to grow, each character has different likes and dislikes – and so you’ll want to be careful to give them gifts which have the maximum impact.

There’s two different types of gifts – Normal Gifts and Special Gifts. These are obtained in slightly different ways, and have slightly different effects.

Normal Gifts can be found as loot from random opponents, denoted by a present icon. They can also be purchased from Food Vendor Merchants – just tab over to the ‘miscellaneous’ item section. Each vendor sells different items – which means to get all the gifts you’ll need, you’ll need a stack of cash and flight tickets to get around the world and make the purchases. Each normal gift raises the Bond stat of its target character by 5 points, and can be given repeatedly to grind out the Bond level.

Special gifts are one-offs, are obtained in specific ways, and give a whopping 40 points to your Bond meter. Thankfully, it’s impossible to give these to the wrong character – but getting your hands on them is more complicated.

This guide is up-to-date with the Rashid update to SF6, and will continue to be updated going forward.

Best Gifts for Each Character in Street Fighter 6, and where to get them

Below you’ll find a table listing every gift in SF6 that is a ‘favorite’ of one of the Masters. We also list where each gift can be purchased.

Each of these gifts will raise the Bond level of its corresponding character by 5 points. Give the wrong gift to a character and it’ll instead raise their Bond by only 1 or 2 points, which is a more wasteful use of the gift.

You might notice that some gifts aren’t listed on this page. This is because they’re ‘generic’ gifts – you can give them to anyone, but they’ll only raise each character’s Bond by a point or two. To maximize your reward and minimize your efforts, you’ll want to give the gifts as listed below.

Character Best Gift Location
Ryu Instant Soba Shopkeeper Udon – Metro City Urban Park Area
Luke Red Elevator 8 Jamaica
Jamie Bao Bao Bro Sticker Jamaica
Chun-Li Canned Herring Shopkeeper Dora, Nayshall Commerce Plaza
Guile Natto Japan
Kimberly The Answer Lies in the Heart of Love Jamaica
Juri Wrench India
Ken Cookbook Mexico
Blanka Knock-Off Blanka-Chan Doll Jamaica
Dhalsim Instant Curry (Ultra Mild) Shopkeeper Tsanpa, Nayshall Central Bazaar
E. Honda Rubber Duckies Italy
Dee Jay Lukewarm Beer Brazil
Manon Beaujolais Jamaica
Marisa Cold Tomato Soup France
JP Antique Playing Cards Jamaica
Zangief Wooden Bear Russia
Lily Celery Chips Jamaica
Cammy Jellied Eel Jamaica
Rashid Junk Disc Fight drop in Metro City Tournaments & elsewhere

Special Gifts for Each Character in Street Fighter 6

In addition to the generic gifts above that can be purchased, there’s one special gift for each master character in Street Fighter 6 that is unique.

Each of these is obtained via a side quest – usually triggered by getting another Master to Style Level 18. Each special gift can only be handed to its intended recipient. These gifts give a whopping 40 points to your Bond level – making them worth four other equivalent gifts.

Here’s all of the unique special gifts, and where they’re obtained:

Character Best Gift Obtained via
Ryu Japanese Sweets Retsu ‘Monk Without a Cause’ quest line
Luke Strawberry Fight 6 Ken Friendship Mission
Jamie Questionable Energy Drink Blanka Friendship Mission
Chun-Li Citrus Perfume Juri Friendship Mission
Guile Coffee Mill Dhalsim Frindship Mission
Kimberly Vintage Earbuds Dee Jay Friendship Mission
Juri Pricey Check Manon Friendship Mission
Ken Skateboard Keychain Jamie Friendship Mission
Blanka Locket Lily Friendship Mission
Dhalsim Supreme Instant Curry E. Honda Friendship Mission
E. Honda Tiramisu Boba Cammy Friendship Mission
Dee Jay HeartBeatBB Luke Friendship Mission
Manon Commemorative Medal Zangief Friendship Mission
Marisa Lion Necklace Guile Friendship Mission
JP Absurd Check Suval’hal Arena Throwdown side quest
Zangief Weights Marisa Friendship Mission
Lily Gummy Caterpillar Kimberly Friendship Mission
Cammy Neco Acrylic Keychain Chun-Li Friendship Mission
Rashid Sushi Memory Stick MHM Stadium Martial Arts Tournament Side Quest

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