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June 17, 2023 at 3:22am
By Jason Stettner

Here are the specific details in regards to the improvements that have been made for the Company of Heroes 3 Xbox Series X upgrade. It features no HDR support with two graphical modes to choose from. The first is a quality mode providing a 4k resolution at 30fps. The second is a performance mode providing 1080p at 60fps.

It also has console keyboard and mouse support. Those are the key details that are present. This game is Optimized on the platform, meaning it was specifically adjusted for the platform. A video showcasing this is found below, alongside a photo representing the game.

Enjoy the game alone or in multiplayer scenarios for up to eight players. You’re welcomed to the Mediterranean, a breathtaking theatre of war filled with new exciting stories to witness. From the Italian mountain passes with coastal vistas to the sweeping deserts of North Africa.

You’ll be able to enjoy some scenic locations that are filled with conflict and deep levels of strategy. This particular version of the game brings over the full scope of the original title, but with a tailored for console setup. There are many ways to play, many units to control and a number of distinct modes to work through that all offer something unique to challenge you with.

Hopefully you found these details helpful in regards to understanding how this game is running on the platform. Whether that’s in the boosted resolution (visual fidelity) that’s provided in the filtering, or just generally the extra performance that assists with the Company of Heroes 3 frame rate to keep it running smoothly.

Certainly great to see what these games can provide on the latest console platform that features full backwards compatible support and will see many new titles release over its lifespan. It should be exciting to see what’s to come for the consoles and how much gaming will change over this generation.

To summarize these were the details on if Company of Heroes 3 can run on Xbox Series X/S console platforms. You can read a review of a related title below, or check out a game hub for further coverage as well. Don’t forget to check out the video content to see the game in action.

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