Fed up waiting for dark mode for the Paint app? It's now rolling out to all Windows 11 users Play4ever

We’ve known that the Paint application is getting a dark mode for some time now, and you may have been losing patience waiting for it to arrive – if so, we’ve got some good news.

As flagged up by leaker PhantomOfEarth on X (formerly Twitter), the new Paint app complete with dark mode is now rolling out to stable versions of Windows 11, so everyone should have it before too long.

Unfortunately, you won’t necessarily receive the updated app just yet, because the rollout is not coming to everyone initially, as Brandon LeBlanc, Senior Program Manager on the Windows Insider team, clarified.

In a reply to the above thread on X, LeBlanc noted: “Assuming by stable you mean retail/non-Insider – it’s rolling out but not yet available to everyone yet so your VM isn’t being weird, just not lucky enough yet to get it.”

A touch more patience is required still, then, unless you’re one of the lucky ones – but at least you know the revamped Paint with dark mode is imminently coming to your Windows 11 PC.

As well as dark mode, the updated Paint app comes with better zoom controls, allowing you to apply custom zoom levels, and make finer adjustments when zooming in on an image. That’s a useful extra bit of functionality, too.

The rejigged Paint app has been knocking around in test builds of Windows 11 for quite some time, and for those Windows Insiders who are in one of Microsoft’s test channels, here’s something that might be of interest. A tool that can be used to enable features hidden in preview builds was recently spilled onto the net – by Microsoft itself (oops).

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