Microsoft rollouts strike-based system for Xbox Play4ever

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Microsoft has unveiled a new strike-based enforcement system for Xbox.

In an interview with The Verge, corporate vice president of Xbox player services Dave McCarthy says that the decision was attributed to making community standards more straightforward to users.

He said, “This is all about player transparency. We didn’t have a way to show our players what their standing was in our community. And this makes it completely clear.”

If a user violates community standards, they’ll receive a strike. The number of strikes and length of punishment depends on the violation level.

Violations include hate speech, profanity, cheating, and harassment. A player that amasses eight strikes will be banned from using Xbox services such as multiplayer and voice communication for a year.

Additionally, McCarthy said that 1% of the Xbox user base receives any enforcement, and one-third of that percentage received another action.

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