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Isobel is a powerful priestess of Selune in Baldur’s Gate 3, capable of casting incredible spells that draw on the ethereal power of the moon.

It’s her protective ward that’s keeping the shadow-cursed darkness out of the Last Light Inn, and it’s her that your party needs to protect from the forces of evil if Jaheira and the Harpers are going to have any shot at defeating the malicious army amassed by Ketheric Thorm at Moonrise Towers.

Where to find Isobel in Baldur’s Gate 3

To find Isobel, go up the stairs on the left-hand side of the Last Light Inn, next to where Raphael and Mol are playing chess, and cross the landing to the other side of the building.

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Above the room where you find Counsellor Florrick and the remaining members of the Flaming Fist, you enter Isobel’s room. Go out onto the balcony and Isobel will be there.

She will offer you a blessing of Selune which allows you to traverse some of the shadow-curse without a torch, but you will still need to procure a Moonlantern for full protection from the shadow curse.

How to save Isobel from Marcus in Baldur’s Gate 3

Following your conversation with Isobel on the second floor of the Last Light Inn, you reach a pivotal point in Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3.

A former Flaming Fist, Marcus, corrupted by the influence of Ketheric Thorm and The Absolute, arrives to abduct Isobel and hand her over to The Absolute.

Marcus, a former Flaming Fist corrupted by Ketheric Thorm, in Baldur's Gate 3
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Your party can either aid the kidnapping, or step in on the side of good. This encounter has far-reaching effects for the rest of the act, and the overarching story of Baldur’s Gate 3, so I’d recommend making a quicksave to reload in case you don’t like how things turn out.

If Isobel’s health is reduced to 0 at any point by any means, she’s knocked out and taken by Marcus, so you need to protect and heal her if that’s your intention!

If you side with Marcus and let him take Isobel:

  • The ward around the Last Light Inn is dispelled, the darkness comes in and transforms all of the Harpers
  • Everyone except Jaheira inside the Inn is killed, ending their quests if you haven’t completed them already – this includes Art Cullagh, Florrick, Dammon, and any tieflings you saved up to this point
  • However, you now have an “in” with Ketheric at Moonrise Towers whether you want to side with or secretly destroy him and The Absolute.

If you protect Isobel from Marcus:

  • The ward remains intact around the Last Light Inn and you can continue with the quests there
  • You can collect Marcus’ equipment from his body
  • You squander the opportunity to get close to Ketheric, but there are other ways to gain his trust, if you wish, later

As mentioned, if Isobel’s health is reduced to 0 at any point, it’s as if you sided with Marcus, just without the upside. The ward around the Last Light Inn is dispelled, and the Harpers, Flaming Fist and tieflings are all killed in the aftermath.

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