Red Dead Redemption PS4's Platinum Less of a Grind In Unexpected Bright Side Play4ever

Rockstar’s upcoming and relatively featureless port of PS3’s Red Dead Redemption for PS4 has been garnering a lot of attention of late, mostly negative. We prefer to look on the bright side of things here, and an unexpected upside of the excellent Western having its multiplayer component carved out entirely means a couple of fewer Trophies for dedicated hunters to ding. Yay?

The full list has popped over on the Trophy-tracking website PSNProfiles (thanks, PlayStation LifeStyle), and it’s essentially the same as far as we can tell, sans two particularly tough Trophies from the excellent Undead Nightmare DLC: Smoke that Skinwagon and Kingpin, a couple of tough cookies we’re glad to see the back of.

Smoke that Skinwagon, especially, required players to survive until wave 15 of the Undead Overrun multiplayer mode, which we seem to recall being brutally difficult, but perhaps that was due to operator error.

To unlock Kingpin, you would need to fight off eight unique players during Land Grab while in multiplayer Free Roam (basic by today’s standards), so admittedly, we get why that would be cut.

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