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New information about Starfield has been revealed, including the ability to buy homes in the game and a jail system that will punish you for any space crimes committed. This new information comes from a developer Q&A hosted on Discord (via ResetEra) with lead game designer Emil Pagliarulo and lead quest designer Will Shen.

The first piece of information revealed is that players can buy homes in all majority cities in Starfield and there are even a few homes rewarded for completing quests. For anyone who takes on the Kids Stuff trait–which involves your parents being present in the game–the parents’ faces and models will be determined by your own created character.

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For players looking to smuggle contraband through space, there are spaceship parts and modules that can be used to conceal contraband from security ships outside major planets. While goods, including illegal ones, have a set price in the universe, there are skills and traits you can acquire to sell items for more than they are worth. Any potential criminals can be forced to pay a fine or go to jail if they are caught breaking laws, although you always have the option to go on the run.

As for potentially joining multiple factions, the developers confirmed that each faction’s storyline can be completed independently, although one of them involves infiltrating the faction as a mole. While the idea of a completely pacifist playthrough was shot down, Starfield will include many non-lethal options for players, including dialogue options and non-lethal weapons.

It was also confirmed that there are over 20 companions in Starfield, with the four from Constellation having the most in-depth story, while the rest of the companions still have backstories. Companions have set skills and they cannot be leveled up. While it was confirmed that there will be some destroyed mechs you can find, there won’t be any usable ones in Starfield.

Bethesda recently confirmed that Starfield has gone gold and preloading will begin on August 17 for Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC, with Steam users able to preload on August 30.

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