Can Xbox strike the right balance with its new enforcement system? | Microcast Play4ever

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In today’s Microcast, we discuss two of the biggest stories of the week.

First, we debate Microsoft’s newly announced Xbox enforcement system, which will issue ‘strikes’ to players for violations of its code of conduct ranging from cheating and profanity to harassment and hate speech. Eight strikes earns a one-year suspension, but is the system too lenient? And how effective do we think it will be at addressing the issue of toxicity in multiplayer games?

Then we ponder the future of Call of Duty, with today’s reveal of Modern Warfare 3 marking a shift away from Activision’s tradition of rotating between sub-brands. Given the struggles of Vanguard and the abandonment of previous series, is Call of Duty becoming too reliant on the Modern Warfare name?

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Music composed by Thomas Marchant.

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