Samsung's Freestyle Gen 2 is a portable projector for cloud gaming and you can pre-order it now Play4ever

The Samsung Freestyle Gen 2 is a new portable projector with cloud-gaming functionality built-in alongside Bluetooth controller support. This means you can pop it on a coffee table, aim it at a wall, and as long as you’ve got a stable internet connection, you’ll be gaming in minutes.

The Samsung Freestyle Gen 2 adds cloud gaming support, image credit: Samsung.


Cloud gaming functionality arrives courtesy of Samsung’s impressive Gaming Hub suite, which includes two of the most extensive cloud gaming services today – Xbox Game Pass and NVIDIA GeForce Now. It’s a feature available in all of Samsung’s Smart TVs, so its addition to the Samsung Freestyle Gen 2 is excellent news.

Spec-wise, the Freestyle Gen 2 features a Full High Definition (Full HD) 1920 x 1080 LED projector with 230 ANSI Lumen peak brightness with HDR10 support and HLG for proper color calibration. The portable unit can project a screen as large as 100 inches. It also features an inbuilt 5W speaker system, and with a total power consumption of 50W, it’s also compatible with an external battery power source.

In addition to Game Pass and GeForce Now, the Freestyle Gen 2 and Samsung Gaming Hub also offer native cloud gaming apps for Amazon Luna, Utomik, Anstream Arcade, and Blacknut. In addition, you’ve also got all of the media and entertainment apps available on Samsung Smart TVs, so you can kick back and watch a movie or the latest episode of The Mandalorian after an extended Starfield session.

A Micro HDMI port is also included for connecting an external device.

“The Freestyle is one-of-a-kind in the market because it offers instant access to the same streaming entertainment apps you enjoy on your Samsung TV,” said James Fishler, Senior Vice President Home Entertainment & Display Division, Samsung Electronics America. “Plus, setup is simple so you can easily project your favorite shows – and now even stream thousands of popular games – in high definition on the big screen anywhere, whether that’s right at home, or if you’re like me, on weekend camping trips.”

The Freestyle Gewn 2 is available for pre-order on for USD 799.99 and at select retailers. Ordering before August 30 will net you a free IP55-rated, water and dust-resistant case valued at USD 59.99.

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