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June 3, 2023 at 10:29pm
By Jason Stettner

It’s always hard to find new games to play and in particular to find games of a certain offering. Within this listing the goal is help you find or well identify some new titles to check out within the selection that you’ve been searching for. With the Top 10 Xbox Series X Dark Souls Games you’ll likely come across something that should be worth checking out or at least an offering that you hadn’t heard of prior.

At least, that’s the main focus of these listing options and most of the time these aren’t done in a particular ranking order to instead offer you just a choice list of games to play if you find them of interest. That’s typically why people love these sort of write-ups with a visual component too which is nice.

You’ll get the ranking bolded, a video to showcase the gameplay in action which I almost always suggest checking out for sure and then a brief description for each of the games accompanying the ranking in case you’re curious to find a little bit more about them. It’s all for context and further understand for what the games might provide you. Whatever the case, happy gaming and hopefully this is something you can find helpful.

#10: Dark Souls 3

The third main entry in the Dark Souls franchise sends players off to experience a more refined and large in scope series of deaths. You will perish while exploring the areas that await you. Whether that’s from the bosses you’ll come across or the many enemies that are out to get you along the way towards that specific goal.

#9: The Surge

You’re given a robotic exoskeleton and a weird surge happens, it’s now awkwardly fused with you. Go about bashing robots, specifically limbs to collect items that can help you improve your strange mech suit. You’ll face off against terrifying mechanical monsters and many other challenges along the way to figure out what happened.

#8: Moonscars

It’s essentially a 2D take on Dark Souls. It’s all the intense, hurtful combat you crave but in a different viewing angle and it just works. It’s not easy going at all; but it will give you a challenge with many menacing monsters and ever so many bosses of course, they’ll destroy you.

#7: Mortal Shell

Similar to the traditional concept you’ll go through more linear like areas battling bosses but when you’re damaged you’ll eject from a shell and then become incredibly vulnerable to damage. It’s creepy with a bit of a twist in the style of which you battle your opponents.

#6: SteelRising

It’s the French Revolution and you’ll become this weird automatron that’s been tasked with saving this wild time. There are many others mechanical beasts to take on within this more intimate take on the genre offering a distinctly different style of combat.

#5: Thymesia

It’s one strange world where plague is at an all time high and so are the monsters hiding out there in the distance trying to kill you. It’s linear in setup like you would expect, but with a certain level of smoothness that will allow you to unleash upon the challenges that are awaiting you up ahead.

#4: Ashen

It’s a desolate world where you improve your village area by tackling more bosses and conquering various dungeons. It does offer ways to play together, with challenges that are filled with puzzles and many creatures that are out to get you.

#3: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Being very stylistic in the art aesthetic you’ll experience gorgeous cinematic moments as you explore open areas to stab or run from the many dynamic creatures that are waiting out there. It’s got samurai influences while having a bit of a fun grappling element to it. It’s brutal, challenging and will surprise you many times over.

Xbox Elden Ring

#2: Dark Souls Remastered

It’s the original Dark Souls that likely made this whole genre possible, but now in a playable frame rate that’s nice and smooth. Enjoy those iconic experiences, upgraded with better visuals and again, fluid which is such a step up from what came before.

#1: Elden Ring

This game takes the incredibly successful genre and blows it out into a massive open world that you can explore any way you’d like. It’s still all about killing various bosses and trying to survive against foes along the way. It just allows you more freedom in how you go out there, it’s quite an expansive offering that really does extend the experience you recall but in such an exciting new way.

That’s the list for the Top 10 Dark Souls Games to play and hopefully it did indeed lead you towards trying out something new. That’s always the hardest part of entertainment, coming across something you didn’t find out prior or in searching for something distinct to read and take in.

Be sure to view the video as well for further context. The site is also full of other helpful content and similar lists so that should be of assistance too. Check out some other content below too for more gaming action.

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