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June 3, 2023 at 10:03pm
By Jason Stettner

It’s always hard to find new games to play and in particular to find games of a certain offering. Within this listing the goal is help you find or well identify some new titles to check out within the selection that you’ve been searching for. With the Top 10 Xbox Series X Family Friendly Games you’ll likely come across something that should be worth checking out or at least an offering that you hadn’t heard of prior.

At least, that’s the main focus of these listing options and most of the time these aren’t done in a particular ranking order to instead offer you just a choice list of games to play if you find them of interest. That’s typically why people love these sort of write-ups with a visual component too which is nice.

You’ll get the ranking bolded, a video to showcase the gameplay in action which I almost always suggest checking out for sure and then a brief description for each of the games accompanying the ranking in case you’re curious to find a little bit more about them. It’s all for context and further understand for what the games might provide you. Whatever the case, happy gaming and hopefully this is something you can find helpful.

#10: Fall Guys

It’s a free to play battle royale where you play as these bean like characters and will be trying to make it to the end of a wipeout course. It’s silly, easy going and has simple controls that are perfect for anyone to give a try to. You’ll just be moving and hopping, while trying to make it through to the end. A fun multiplayer time to be had.

#9: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

While any of the LEGO games would be a perfect addition to this list, I picked this one as it’s relevant with the Marvel styling and also insanely massive in scale. It’s an original story with a large selection of characters to interact with and a vast open world to explore featuring a mash-up of Marvel locations to visit.

#8: Disney Dreamlight Valley

It’s essentially Animal Crossing but Disney, work with iconic characters from the many franchises the company owns. You’ll help them with problems as you save the area that’s become corrupted. You’ll be crafting, gardening and even cooking. Past that you can fix up a house with special items you collect or just clean up the area too. It’s expansive and always growing in size.

#7: Epic Mickey 2

Working as Mickey with a cooperative pal you can clean up the world of many Disney franchises using an element of paint. It’s a platformer offering many exciting locations to visit and challenges to tackle while going through a more traditional catalogue of Disney offerings.

#6: Zoo Tycoon

Take care of the Zoo with a simplified take on this classic series. Go right there into the park to explore, or tackle it from a bird eyes view to manage and customize the experience to excite the many guests that will venture forth into the place you’ve created for them to see.

#5: Calico

You’re running a cat café where you can cook, or just gather various critters. You can ride things such as a Capybaras or large dogs and cats. It’s a bit silly, a bit cute and it’s very accessible to dive into with light quests to take part in along the way.

#4: My Friend Peppa Pig

There are two Peppa Pig games to experience at the moment, both are perfect for fans of the series. You’ll essentially be exploring an episode of the show, but filled with the interaction and learning you might expect from this franchise.

#3: Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Time to send out some fire in this upgraded package of games where you’ll collect, battle and platform your way to victory. The dragons have been taken and it’s up to you to find those eggs that have been scattered around, or also free up the frozen statue dragons too.

Xbox Spyro

#2: Disneyland Adventures

This provides the entirety of Disneyland for you to enjoy. You can meet many of the iconic characters as you explore, and interact with them. There are many rides which are mini games and secrets to find along the way. There’s a lot to do and it offers many exciting things to take part in. The excitement of Disney, come alive.

#1: Minecraft

The ultimate game for any type of audience you’re able to play this game in ever so many ways. It’s great for anyone providing casual options to more hardcore ways to play. It’s somewhat like LEGO, but in a gaming format so it just works. You can connect with others easily for multiplayer and there are great educational elements within the game too. It just offers endless ways to play, explore and discover neat things. It really is an ultimate experience for the younger ones out there.

That’s the list for the Top 10 Family Friendly Games to play and hopefully it did indeed lead you towards trying out something new. That’s always the hardest part of entertainment, coming across something you didn’t find out prior or in searching for something distinct to read and take in.

Be sure to view the video as well for further context. The site is also full of other helpful content and similar lists so that should be of assistance too. Check out some other content below too for more gaming action.

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