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May 27, 2023 at 9:41pm
By Jason Stettner

Interview with Justine Huxley, Actor for (Wattson) in Apex Legends

For call based interviews we try to present the conversation replies as close to verbatim as possible, for context.

A staple I do in all interviews in order to start things off is to ask that you elaborate a bit about yourself and your roles?

Justine: I’m Justine Huxley. I voiced Wattson in Apex Legends. I’ve got my Nessie friends with me today. I also voiced Sheyta in Sword Art Online. I’m Little Red Riding Hood in Goldie and Bears on Disney Junior and many other roles. I love voice acting. I’m a singer as well. I’m so happy to be at Calgary Expo.

When looking at your roles in something that’s gaming related versus something that is anime like, what’s your approach like in tackling either?

Justine: Well for games a lot of times it’s you record by yourself. So it’s a little bit more difficult and you have to repeat the same lines over and over again, like hang over there, gun over here you know. It’s not the easiest but it’s a good challenge and then sometimes for animated shows you record in a group so it’s more like theatre in the way that you’re acting off of other people.

I’d love to hear the story about your friends? (She had Nessie plushies)

Justine: Yes, my Nessie friends. So Wattson’s mom in Apex gave her a patchwork Nessie and she is very attached to that Nessie and it’s her emotional support Nessie and she places Nessies all over the map and we just love Nessies here.

So when you first jumped into the Apex role did you foresee it going on so long and do you see it going on further down the road?

Justine: I had no idea. I was cast and my character came out in season two. I was cast before the game came out and they didn’t do any promo for it. There was no, you know kind of announcement it was just dropped and so I had no idea that it was going to be the game that it is today with I think over 150 million players so I feel so fortunate and lucky. Yes, I think that they said they want to go for at least 10 years. Cross my fingers, I hope it goes for 100 years.

What’s it like to see yourself, your voice attached to like a character in a game or a character in anime or a show?

Justine: It’s so special, especially getting to meet the fans watching the shows or play the games and it has meant so much to them. I constantly hear you know, this character helped me become more confident or my character of Wattson is French, this character helped me learn French. So it’s a really wonderful thing to make people smile, make people laugh.

From a perspective of you doing the voice for your Apex Legends character, how has that changed from the start versus now that the character has been more evolved over time?

Justine: In the beginning I really didn’t know as much about the character, it was under such strict code names and non-disclosure agreements, NDAs that I really didn’t know what to expect. I was given a very small piece of information. I didn’t even really know what Wattson looked like and now that I’ve seen her in the gameplay and I’ve known her for more I feel like I’m better equipped.

Apex Legends cover
Lastly I would like to leave a spot for you to say something or go over anything I might have missed during the interview?

Justine: I do a charity concerts every few months called Miscast in Los Angeles. We sings songs that we are totally wrong for. I played old men, little boys, monsters. It’s a lot of fun, so that’s for Project Angel Food in Los Angeles. So yeah if anyone is in Los Angeles come by some time.

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