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As your party ventures along the Risen Road in Baldur’s Gate 3, you find the aftermath of an intense battle at Waukeen’s Rest.

Some Knights of the Flaming Fist faced off against some Drow bandits, losing the Grand Duke they were protecting in the process – but they have more pressing matters to attend to.

The building in front of them is on fire with their noble-born leader still trapped inside, and they’re struggling to stage a rescue.

You will have to act fast to save the trapped man and Counsellor Florrick from the encroaching flames, but it is possible with some quick thinking and a lot of luck.

I highly recommend making a save game before you speak to the Knights, because this can take a lot of saving and reloading to resolve in satisfying way.

How to save the trapped man from the fire

To begin the quest, approach Waukeen’s Rest and talk to the Flaming Fist Knights.

Agree to help them, then push against the wreckage, passing a strength check or breaking the debris down with melee to enter.

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With the blockage cleared, head inside and upstairs. This next part will require some save scumming because it’s tricky to execute.

Tav breaking down a door to save the trapped man in Baldur's Gate 3
Hit the highlighted door with a melee weapon to rescue the trapped man | Image credit: Larian/VG247

Upstairs, to save the trapped man, target the broken door in front of him with melee or ranged attacks to bust it open (click your weapon then on the door to target outside of combat). Do not stand in front of the door when you do this or it will throw you backwards when it breaks.

Make sure you’re attacking the door at the end of the corridor in front of the trapped man, opening the other will cause the flames to spread and quickly engulf everything.

Tav lifting a wooden beam from over the trapped man in Baldur's Gate 3
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Inside you’re presented with a Strength or Investigation check to pull him to safety. Strength is the easier check, so yank the man out to release him.

This next part is tricky, as turn-based mode triggers. With the character you used to pull the beam off of the trapped man, you need to choose the help action to pick him up off the floor. If you don’t do this, he’ll lay on the ground like a chump and you will need to reload.

With the man back on his feet, walk all of your characters out of the room and across the landing towards the door the Flaming Fists are crowded around. Once everyone is out of the room where you found the man, you can turn off turn-based mode.

Now turn your attention to helping the Flaming Fists with the Counsellor.

How to save Counsellor Florrick from the fire

To save Counsellor Florrick, you need to repeat the same action as you did for the trapped man: break down the door with a melee weapon. Once it’s busted open, high-tail it outside. You can then talk to either the saved man or Counsellor Florrick.

Tav picking a reward for saving Counsellor Florrick from a fire in Baldur's Gate 3
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After a brief conversation, Florrick sends you on another quest after the Grand Duke Ravensguard, but crucially will also let you pick an exciting magical reward. On top of your great reward choice, noble members of your party are Inspired.

Finishing the trapped man’s quest

Tav finding Mirileth's body in Baldur's Gate 3
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Now turn your attention to Benryn, the man you saved from the fire. He’s looking for his wife and you unfortunately find her body in the house across from where he’s looking, on upper floor just as you go upstairs.

Before you go, use the Amulet of Lost Voices you got from Withers’ tomb in the Overgrown Ruins to ask her body some questions. This saves you an annoying amount of searching later and clues you in to the location of a hidden stash.

With that discovery made, return to Benryn and deliver the bad news. Her runs to see her. Follow and speak to him. You can again ask about the stash, but either way you already know where it is.

Tav collection their reward for rescuing the trapped man in Baldur's Gate 3
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Behind the building you’re in, there are two barns. One with an ox, one with a bale of hay. The gilded chest you’re looking for is inside the bale of hay.

It contains an expensive ring that’s the dowry. Return to Benryn with the ring you can either give it back or take it for yourself.

Before you leave the area for good, perhaps heading south to the Goblin Camp, make sure you loot the bodies of the Drow soldiers, they have a great set of light armor you can equip one of your spellcasters with.

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