Huawei Vision rumor: Apple Vision Pro competitor, HALF the price, same Sony 4K micro-OLED tech Play4ever

Huawei is reportedly working on an Apple Vision Pro competitor dubbed Vision, which will reportedly weigh just 350g — nearly half that of the 600g weight of the Vision Pro — with Sony micro-OLED 4K panels inside.

The post about the Huawei Vision headset (source: Weibo)


Huawei is reportedly developing its own chips for the Vision headset, just as Apple did using its in-house M2 and R1 chipsets inside of the Vision Pro. Huawei’s purported Vision headset will lack EyeSight technology, something that Apple does with the Vision Pro, which simulates the wearer’s eyes so that people aren’t freaked out in person.

The post on Weibo is coming from the previous Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Chinese smartphone maker Meizu Technology, who explained that the Huawei Vision headset would feature gesture space operation with “almost no delay” based on self-developed chips and Sony micro-OLED 4K displays while lacking Eyesight technology and 350g in weight.

Huawei is working with foundry partner SMIC, where they hope to have 5nm chip production up and running later this year, but it could be cutting it close to having Huawei’s in-house chips inside of its new Vision headset. We should expect a high-end Kirin-based SoC because Huawei won’t want to have a sub-par experience up against Apple’s Vision Pro headset, that’s been blowing people’s minds as more people get their hands (or should I say eyes and heads) on it.

Apple will be leagues ahead when it comes to the overall experience with its more powerful ecosystem of apps and Vision Pro-capable apps that are in development right now. Apple will have a second-gen and then third-gen Vision Pro headset that will blow the first-gen Vision Pro — that costs $3499, mind you — out of the water. Huawei and all other competitors — Google, Samsung, etc — have their work cut out for them, that’s for sure.

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