Today's Wordle hint and answer on Tuesday 13th February for 969 Play4ever

It’s time to take a break and get your thinking cap on to solve the Wordle answer for today, 13th February.

For the uninitiated, the aim of Wordle is to work out a daily five-letter word within six guesses. The fewer the guesses, the better – and if you fail to guess it at all, you’ll break your streak.

The latter is why working out today’s Wordle answer is such a priority, as players pride themselves on keeping their streak going. So why gamble on a risky final guess when you can learn a few clues and, failing that, get the definitive answer? This page can help with that.

Once you have today’s word, learn more about Wordle and how the New York Times became interested in games in this interview with Jonathan Knight, Head of Games for the NYTimes. In keeping with the word theme, we’ve also discussed why The NYTimes Mini Crossword is a reliable joy.

Clues for today’s Wordle answer

Instead of going straight to the answer, you might only need a few hints to get you over the line:

  • There are no repeating letters.
  • This word begins with ‘S’.
  • There is only one vowel in today’s word.
  • You might use this word when shooing an animal away.

Still not sure? Read on for the answer.

Wordle answer for word 969 on 13th February 2024

Even with the above clues, still not sure and want to keep that streak going?

The Wordle answer today is SCRAM.

I managed to get today’s Wordle on my fourth attempt after ‘RESTS’ and ‘SHARD’ gave me enough correct letters to play around with. Hopefully the clues above helped you keep your own streak going as well!

Don’t forget to share your Wordle answer once you’re done. | Image credit: MichaelJBerlin –

Now you have the answer, do not spoil it for others! Remember, you can share your results spoiler-free in the form of a grid.

Of course, no one has to know you came to this page to work it out. Maybe put in two or three fake guesses first to throw them off the scent, perhaps?

Today’s Wordle etymology

Today’s word ‘SCRAM’ is US slang meaning ‘to depart’ that was reportedly coined by US sportswriter and Variety magazine staffer Jack Conway. Its origins apparently come from either a shortened form of the word ‘SCRAMBLE’, or from the German word ‘SCHRAMM’. These days, scram is often used as a rude way of telling an animal or a person to go away.

Wordle past answers for this week

So far, these are the wordle answers for this week:

  • Sunday 11th February (967) – NEVER
  • Monday 12th February (968) – PASTA

If you’d like to know all of the words which has graced Wordle in times gone by, check out our past Wordle answers archive.

What to play after Wordle

With your daily Wordle completed, the question is – what shall you play now?

You can, of course, try out the other word-based games offered by the New York Times, like Spelling Bee, the Mini Crossword and Letter Boxed. You can also take a crack at Connections, the daily Sudokus and Tiles – a rather additive motif matching game.

NYT games

There’s also a range of games which have put a twist on the Wordle formula. Squaredle challenges you to find a series of words by connecting letters in a four by four grid. Meanwhile Dordle, Quorodly, Octordly and Sedecordle all keep to the standard Wordle, while increasing the number of words you have to find. The challenge comes in how your guesses count for all of the words, so you need to decide whether you’re going to focus on a specific word or try to solve multiple words at the same time. Thankfully, the number of guesses you’re given increases alongside the amount of words you’re expected to solve.

If you want a break from spelling though, try GeoGuessr. Here you’ll be given a picture of somewhere, anywhere, in the world and have to place a marker on where you think that location is. There’s even an Old School RuneScape version.

Hope you enjoyed playing Wordle today!

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